Kelsey Beckmann
Dietitian / Runner

Kelsey Beckmann

Dietitian / Runner

Kelsey Beckmann is a registered dietitian and local runner from Jacksonville, Florida. Her interest in dietetics was sparked by her own experiences of the impact of nutrition on the human body in motion. Kelsey grew up playing competitive soccer, and eventually ended her career as a D1 soccer player to transform into a distance runner. Since then, she has enjoyed several opportunities to race at the top level of running across the United States. As both a soccer player and a runner, she has felt the ebbs and flows of nutrition on performance. Kelsey knew she was destined to help other athletes benefit from the implementation of optimal nutrition. When Kelsey is not working with ambitious athletes, she works as a clinical dietitian at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. She enjoys the challenges that both arenas bring, and looks forward to developing herself as a well rounded registered dietitian. Kelsey is grateful for the opportunity to promote healthy and active lifestyles within her community.

Q&A with Kelsey Beckmann

What’s the number one thing on your bucket list?

2020 Marathon Olympic trials.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Sleep and get work done at same time.

What’s your favorite workout song?

Sweatpants, Childish Gambino.

Who’s your biggest supporter?

My Dad.

What’s your go-to PowerBar product?


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