We are powerbar


Thirty years ago, we started with a vision to revolutionize sports nutrition. Paying close attention to what athletes needed to
perform at their best, we created high-quality products that replenished muscles and revived the spirit at every turn. No matter the
feat, you were always ready to power on and cross the finish line. Today, we’ve upped our game to provide all athletes with great
taste and the proper nutrition needed through every stage of training.

We are leaders of the market we helped create, because at PowerBar, we know athletes. We know the thrill that comes from the
play-offs and the rush you get when you conquer a challenge. From the never-ending days to the unbelievable comebacks, from
the pre-game warm-ups to the post-game high-fives, PowerBar encourages every athlete to get the most out of their time and
celebrate every win, no matter how small.

Coupled with our premium protein and endurance nutrition products that help you sustain in all conditions, our bars make for the
perfect snack, whether you’re in-between games or off the field. And our innovations don’t stop there. We’re passionate about
providing today’s athletes with everything they need to prosper and achieve new goals, so that no matter the sport, you always
feel exhilarated to take it on.

We are PowerBar

When you pause with bated breath to score the midfield goal. When you celebrate with the team after an unbelievable victory. When you and your crew make it over that last hill, we’re always there to help you power on.

Team PowerBar

We are a team

A team of today’s athletes, nutritionists, coaches and trainers united in our love of sport, fitness, and good nutrition. We’re passionate about the community we play in, the teammates we compete with, and the moments we share along the way.

We know the true joy of sport lies beyond the podium or finish line – it’s all about the journey that gets us there and the people and places we experience on the ride. So be bold, explore, push your limits and, if you need a hand, we’re here for you. We are Team PowerBar.

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We are PowerBar