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Plant Protein

It doesn’t matter what type of diet you follow, plant-based protein can offer you many nutritional benefits. Whether your goal is to lean out, build strength or just improve your health, plant-based protein sources like nuts, seeds and legumes can play an important role for your body. So why is plant-based protein so beneficial for us? Here are three good reasons to include more nuts, seeds and legumes in your diet.

Tennis Twins

The FootDoctor

Team PowerBar member Seth Minter, aka The FootDoctor, is a former football player turned athletic trainer. After a high school injury prevented him from playing in the NFL, he started his own program to help athletes improve their game through footwork and agility drills. As former teammates headed to the NFL, they sought out Seth’s unique footwork training to improve their performance on the field. Seth went back to studying to include dynamic body motion and injury prevention to give his athletes the best possible opportunities. When others in the League saw teammates using Seth’s drills, people began to call asking for the FootDoctor.