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Plant Protein

It doesn’t matter what type of diet you follow, plant-based protein can offer you many nutritional benefits. Whether your goal is to lean out, build strength or just improve your health, plant-based protein sources like nuts, seeds and legumes can play an important role for your body. So why is plant-based protein so beneficial for us? Here are three good reasons to include more nuts, seeds and legumes in your diet.

Tennis Twins

Clean Start Team

This year, we offered 17 athletes a Clean Start by giving them entry into the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon. These individuals have overcome, or are in the midst of overcoming, setbacks that sidelined them from achieving their goals. Our Team previously found themselves on the “did not finish” list or suffered from health-related injuries. Each needed a goal to help them persevere.  These PowerBar Clean Start athletes are not only running for themselves New York, they are running for their families and their support teams.