Clean Start

PowerBar made a Clean Start by removing all artificial sweeteners in our tasty new Clean Whey Bars. We’re bringing you the best taste and nutrition to help you power on and savor every moment.

Austin Keen

Team PowerBar member Austin Keen is a World Champion Skimboarder, content creator, and an action sports ambassador. With a unique skillset that makes him a leader in the sport, he is one of the most photographed action sport athletes on social media.

Tennis Twins

Team PowerBar members Nic and Tristan Puehse are nineteen year old fraternal twins. They began their sports careers at six years old, as the Skateboarding Twins, with multiple sponsors and were well on their way to the X Games. At thirteen, they shocked their fans by trading their boards for tennis racquets. We caught up with the Tennis Twins to see what life has been like as they as embark on a new journey.