PowerBar x VSCO

Looking to inspire the athlete in all of us, we have partnered with VSCO to share stories from those who embrace the joy of sport.  No matter if it’s your day job, night activity, or early morning pick-me-up, these stories showcase the camaraderie that has formed in unexpected places. These people revel in play, relish challenges, and find a sense of community, all while smashing stereotypes along the way.

The Lady Punishers

The women of this tackle football team truly defy stereotypes. Their day jobs vary, from mother, floral shop owner, hospital staff, and architecture student, but they are bonded by their love for the sport. Photographs by Daniel Shea.

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Circle Rules Football

Originating from Greg Manley’s senior thesis project for the Experimental Theater wing at NYU, Circle Rules Football encourages adults to ‘come out and play’. Photographs by Jared Soares.

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Flash Foxy

In the often male-dominated sport of rock climbing, Jill found community and inspiration within a community of female climbers. Known as the Flash Foxy, they are uniquely forged together with a powerful mixture of diversity, inspiration, and trust. Photographs by Adrienne Grunwald.

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Bike Polo

A mechanical engineering graduate, designer, and private tutor, Pete finds joy in the sport of Bike Polo — a rough and tumble, fast-paced game that challenges its players both mentally and physically. Photographs by Samuel Bradley.

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Jiu Jitsu

Leland has found his second family through the sport of jiu jitsu. The community has supported him like a brotherhood, and has taught him to never give up on anything in life. Photographs by Samuel Bradley.

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