NYC Marathon

The 2016 New York City Marathon will kick off this Sunday, November 6th. The world’s largest and most popular marathon has come a long way since it began in 1970. Originating with 127 entrants running laps around Central Park, by 2016 the race has grown to over 50,000 race participants and expanded into all five New York City boroughs. Follow along with us this week as we navigate the race course with our most popular products.  Whether you’re in New York or cheering from home, fuel-up with your favorite PowerBar products and get ready for race day.

Clean Whey

We know you’re going to busy running around NYC this week. No one wants to be hangry waiting in line for Empire State Building or frantically looking up New York restaurants in the cab. Clean Whey gives you the benefits of healthy snacking and ability to enjoy your site-seeing adventures without focusing on when you’re eating next. Available in flavors Cookies & Cream, White Fudge Raspberry and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, you can indulge in great taste without any artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

If your journey to New York requires more serious refueling, we have you covered. With high-quality ingredients and 20g of premium protein, Clean Whey delivers optimal nutrients to boost your run.  Grab one at the start or finish line to infuse protein into your body pre-race or to maximize your recovery post-marathon.

Simple Fruit Energy Food

Practice with what’s on course with our Simple Fruit Energy Food! Whether you’re running the marathon or one of the 200 million spectators on course, Simple Fruit can serve as a light, refreshing pick-me-up when you need it most. Available in flavors Apple Mixed Berry, Apple Orange Lemon and Apple Pear Raspberry, Simple Fruit is made with natural ingredients, is only 100 calories and gluten free.  Easy to carry and consume, it is the perfect snack-sized energy boost that won’t slow you down. If you don’t want to break pace in order to refuel, grab some at our Gel Zone at mile 18 to power you through to the finish line.

Performance Energy

Our “OG” Bar has a new look to complement its improved nutritional benefits. While it still delivers maximum energy with a high-quality blend of protein and carbohydrates, our Performance Energy Bar is now gluten free and made with non-GMOs. We improved the taste and texture without changing what you love about the Original PowerBar.

Protein Shake

Our Protein Shakes are designed for athletes who need a quick protein boost after working out or an on-the-go snack while walking around New York’s streets. We’ve packed 30g of protein, 2g of sugar and only 160 calories in these delicious grab-and-go shakes. Available in chocolate and vanilla, these tasty flavors deliver the nutrition you need, when you need it.