Louise Maurisset

Team PowerBar member Louise Maurisset is a 22 year old Parisian surfer and skateboarder who recently exchanged the Paris streets for the San Diego sunshine. Having fallen in love with surfing at an early age, Louise transitioned her skill set to become an accomplished skateboarder. Exuding a passion and excitement that is striking to anyone who has seen her photos, Louise has inspired a new wave of fans and followers to get on a board.

The Parisian surfer-skater has an effortlessly cool and refreshing style of skating that is inspired from the original skate and surf pioneers. Growing up, Louise saw Kelly Slater don the covers of numerous surf magazines. After watching Slater ride some of the world’s greatest waves, she decided to pick up a surf board at age 13 while on a family vacation in Biarritz, South of France. As Louise describes it, her “first wave was like love at first sight, I quickly understood that I was going to spend the rest of my life chasing waves.”

Living in Paris, she had limited opportunities to go surfing on a regular basis. In order to mimic her experience in the ocean, Louise taught herself to skateboard. She turned to an innovative group of skateboarders from the 1970’s to inspire her own skating style.  The Z-Boys, who coincidentally also let their experience surfing define their style on a skateboard, are credited by many of popularizing what is now modern skateboarding. Louise worked to develop her skateboarding techniques, relying on icons Jay Adams and Tony Alva. Adams and Alva are known for performing aerial and vertical tricks in empty swimming pools in Southern California. Their incredible ability blew Louise’s mind and from them she developed her own style known popularly as “surf-skating”. With gracefully spontaneous and agile moves, Louise transitioned her love for the waves into skateboarding on the streets of Paris.

Louise decided to make her dreams a reality when she graduated High School and moved to San Diego, California.  After visiting the city a few summers before, she fell in the love with the beach culture and seemingly endless summer weather. Crediting her move as one of the best decisions she’s ever made, Louise enrolled in San Diego State University and began skating and surfing on a daily basis. She also started chronicling the adventures of her new beach lifestyle on Instagram. Soon, people began to notice the new surfer on the block. The always smiling Parisian began drawing sponsorships from companies that wanted to associate themselves with her lively and active social media persona.

Louise used her social media channels to create communal space for followers and fans to engage with one another and share their passions. (She has accumulated over 70,000 followers on Instagram). Ultimately, Louise hopes she can “inspire others try something new and find what they love”.  As Louise looks to the future, she hopes she can continue to encourage others to pursue their dreams. In many ways, she has already become a role model for young women looking to participate in action sports. She wants to continue to push her limits and help motivate others to accomplish their goals in the sport. “I get many messages from girls all around the world asking me for tips on how to get started on a skateboard, which feels amazing. It’s so awesome to see girls getting out of their comfort zone and try something new in order to break stereotypes. When girls tell me I was the reason they picked up a skateboard, it honestly just “motivates me to keep doing what I do.”

So what’s next for the 22 year old? Outside of learning to snowboard (one board discipline she has yet to conquer) she’s looking forward “to travelling more, discovering new cultures, surfing new waves and skating new concrete waves”.