2016 TSC NYC Marathon Opens Registration.

Let the countdown begin

The marathoning world is changing; long distance and fun runs are becoming more popular, and completing a half or full marathon is a goal that is becoming more common and desirable. It’s no longer a sport just for endurance athletes. Everyone can be a marathoner.

Registration for the 2016 TCS NYC Maratho just opened, and while November might sound far away, it’s important to begin preparing now. Whether you’re planning to run the 26.129 miles in NYC or another city, we’ve created a series of tips from the experts, so you have everything you need to prepare. The first leg of our series focuses on getting a strong start to amping up your fitness level for the race. Here are a few ways to stay on top of your training, from PowerBar athlete Josh Cox.

  • Plan your year of training by beginning with the end in mind. Set distance goals for yourself and milestones to measure. Consider running a 10 mi. race or half marathon a month out from the main event. This is a good way to gauge your fitness level.
  • The key to a successful race is to know your pace and run your own race. This can be hard when you get to the starting line and there’s music, or when you’re feeling the excitement as you cross the Verrazano bridge. 85% of people start off the marathon too fast, so it’s key to practice pace control when training.
  • Don’t wait until summer to train. Start training now, and then focus on building your mileage in the summer.
  • The toughest part about training is lacing up and getting out the door. A great way to combat the struggle is to join a local training group in your area, or find a buddy who is also training for a race similar to yours.
  • Cross training is also important. Try to practice a healthy mix of three days of running, and three days of non-impact cardio, like cycling or swimming.

Whether you’re running one mile or a full marathon, the journey is always better when you are prepared, know your body and what to expect. Check back this summer for more tips from Josh and the other PowerBar athletes on how to make the most of your marathon.

Here’s a look last year’s TSC NYC marathoners loving the experience.