Do or Do Not, There is No Try.


Ruben Najera is a Mexican American professional skateboarder from the city of El Centro, CA. His professional skateboarding career took off after he won 1st place in the Reelcomp Best Trick contest as a young, eager professional.  Ruben is credited as the inventor of the “Nar Flip” where the boarder kicks the board up into a triple flip rotation and sticks the landing after the 3rd pass.  He’s been featured in ads for Transworld, Thrasher and Skateboarding Magazine and even graced the packaging of the PowerBar Performance Energy Bar. When not on the skateboard, Ruben is a budding writer, director and actor. He’s worked alongside Hollywood actors such as Keanu Reaves, Giovanni Ribisi and Diego Luna as an actor and has written and directed short films.  He’s currently pitching a pilot he directed named “Chainlink & Concrete”.  From doing stunt work in music videos to being the first skateboarder to sign autographs at San Diego Comic Con, Ruben seizes all opportunities that come his way. And if he’s not busy enough, he owns his own comic book store in Calexico, CA called “Metahumans Collectibles”. His innovation, technical prowess, and dedication to everything he sets his mind to is a testament to the hard-working and dedicated individual that he is.

Q&A with Ruben Najera

What’s the number one thing on your bucket list? 

Traveling the world and seeing the many natural and ancient wonders of the world!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? 

Healing factor and immunity to disease and sickness.

What’s your favorite workout song? 

Queens Of The Stone Age - Millionare

Who’s your biggest supporter? 

Every individual on earth who has bought one of my pro decks or signature products.

What’s your go-to PowerBar product? 

PowerBar Simple Fruit at the moment is my current go to! It's delicious!


  • May 30, 2017