Sports breed community and passion — it’s why we watch them so intently. In partnership with PowerBar, who seeks to inspire the athlete in all of us, we are sharing the work of four photographers who focus on athletes of all kinds. Their imagery reveals the camaraderie, strength, joy, and teamwork that sports and fitness can cultivate.

Female Skate Crews

Laurel Golio grew up playing sports, but was often the only girl on any team. So she was excited when she came upon a New York City-based skate crew. Women have been active in the skate world for years, but only recently have all-female crews gained mainstream attention. Laurel’s images capture their camaraderie, joy, and support for one another.

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On the Court

The combination of athleticism, community, and strong personalities drew Tyree Harris’ attention to pick-up games along Venice Beach. After becoming a part of their community, the players became Tyree’s subjects, and he has returned to the courts time and again to capture the passion he finds there.

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Communal Fitness

After years of suffering from depression and negative body image, an interaction with her young daughter woke Joanne Encarnacion up to her life. She immediately began a journey towards health and fitness — one that she continues today alongside a community of friends who encourage and inspire each other.

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Backcountry Snowboarding

Backcountry riding attracts a certain type of athlete, nature lover, and thrill seeker, so it is no surprise that Abby Cooper, Josie Meadows, Bruin Alexander, and Morgan Phillips bonded instantly while snowboarding in the Tantalus Mountains, even though they’d never met. In a sport as demanding as backcountry snowboarding, teamwork is key, which is why the crew quickly began operating as a unit. Photographs by Morgan Phillips.

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