Nick Goepper

Team PowerBar member Nick Goepper, 23, recently won his second Olympic medal in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Originally hailing from Indiana, the Freeskiier earned a silver medal in slopestyle, the only American to finish on the podium. A discipline of freeskiing, slopestyle requires athletes to ski down a variety of obstacles (including rails, jumps and terrains features) and are judged based on amplitude, originality and quality of tricks. Goepper, known for his triple corks on the jumps as well as his technical tricks in the rail section, landed a flawless final run to earn him a spot on the podium.

While most of us will be congregating at our favorite local ski spots, we caught up with Goepper during his post-Olympics travel to get his recommendations on “must-haves” for a weekend spent in the mountains. He gave us some of his packing essentials in case you’re planning on heading out to the slopes.

My Truck

My truck goes everywhere that I do. It’s my main mode of transportation on and off-road. I especially love driving off-road. It’s a super fun way to get to places in the mountains your legs would never be able to get you

Foam Roller

I will be getting active and physical any weekend I am in the mountains. A foam roller is KEY to relieve sore muscles and feel great before you go to bed at night.


I bring a journal everywhere I go. I don’t write in it often but when I do it is a great release. It allows me to put thoughts down on paper and write about goals, past and present, relationships, experiences, and everything in between.


I bring my beanie because it doubles as a great head-warmer, but also a eye-mask for whenever you might be in a bright environment and need some shut-eye! Just pull it down over your eyes and lights-out.

Poker Chips and Cards

Lately I have been OBSESSED with Texas-Holdem poker. It’s a great and relatively cheap way to have fun with friends. There is lots of strategy involved and it allows my competitiveness to stay sharp!


I would definitely bring matches to the mountains for a couple of reasons. If we are camping outdoors we will need a fire starter. If we are sleeping inside I always like to light some candles to increase the ambiance and make it smell great!


I am a big reader. I am always reading something. Currently I’m reading 12 Strong (Also known as Horse Soldiers) and during idle time it keeps my mind occupied with something interesting and educational.


Snack bars are essential on any weekend trip. Super easy to throw in your pocket before activities or munch on after a workout. Especially when they are delicious and nutritious!