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NEW PowerBar® Performance Energy Wafer Bar

PowerBar Team Elite™ Members Josh Cox and Tim Deboom are excited for the NEW PowerBar® Performance Energy Wafer Bars available in March 2014.

PowerBar® Insider Tips: Dr. Louise Burke on Race Day Gel Usage

Dr. Louise Burke walks through effective usage of PowerBar® PowerGel® products to a group of runners on the day before a Marathon.

PowerBar® Performance Energy Blends

Watch PowerBar Team Elite™ Members Josh Cox and Desiree Davila talk about what they love most about this innovative Performance Energy product.

NEW PowerBar® Performance Energy Fruit & Nuts Bar

NEW PowerBar® Performance Energy Fruit & Nuts Bar is a Performance Energy bar made with REAL fruit and nuts. 

Carbohydrate Loading

Carbohydrate loading is a strategy to help endurance athletes
maximize available fuel stores. Learn how to effectively increase your available

Sports Nutrition: Before Training or Competition

Learn what you should be eating and drinking before endurance training  or competition.  Proper nutrition will help optimize your energy, hydration, performance and recovery.

Sports Nutrition: During Training or Competition

This article explains hydration and muscle fueling during training.  Learn hydration and fueling strategies based on various scenarios.

Understanding Muscle Fueling

Whether your exercise of choice is a fast walk in the local park
or an Ironman Triathlon in Kona, it's the muscles you're packing
that power you through every step of the way. 

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