Frequently Asked Questions

  • I own a retail store (or am opening a new retail store) and would like to carry POWERBAR® products. How can I do this?

    If you are interested in purchasing POWERBAR products by the box (12–15 bars per box), please call Liberty Distribution at 1‐800‐450‐4246.

    If you would prefer to order POWERBAR products in larger quantity by the case (8 boxes per case — all the same flavor), we will need to forward your information to our Retail Team, and someone from this department will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

    Please use the Contact Us page to send us an email or call us at 1‐800‐58‐POWER so we can send your company’s information to the appropriate member of the Retail Team.

  • What is the shelf life of the POWERBAR products?

    In the bar category, with the exception of the POWERBAR Performance Energy bars and POWERBAR PROTEINPLUS® bars, all other bars have a shelf life of 10 months from the date of manufacture.

    The Performance Energy bars, the POWERBAR PROTEINPLUS 30g bars, POWER GEL®, POWERBAR Blends, and the POWERBAR Gel Blasts have a shelf life of 12 months. The dry powdered drink mixes, such as POWERBAR PERFORM and POWERBAR RECOVERY have a shelf life of 24 months.

  • Is it safe to consume the products past their "best by" date?

    Each PowerBar product is stamped with a “best by” date. We recommend that you use them by the “best by” date to ensure you’re getting our best quality product and receiving the full nutritional benefits of the product.

  • Do you offer product donations?

    While we would like to say "yes" to all the donation requests that we receive, POWERBAR cannot honor individual donation requests, as our resources are fully committed to our corporate giving program.

    As the company that created the original energy bar, we have a stake in advancing the important role that physical activity and a balanced diet play in healthy lives. Sharing our resources to help encourage health and wellness is an important part of our company philosophy. We work with our parent company, Nestlé, to support food banks and victims of natural disasters in the United States and worldwide.

  • How can I get POWERBAR to provide bars/gels/drink for an upcoming community sporting event?

    POWERBAR sponsorship can include supplies, product sampling booths and even listings on our site. To have your event considered for POWERBAR sponsorship, please complete the Executive Summary form. Unfortunately, not all requests for sponsorship can be honored.