Kelly Williamson

  • Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
  • PowerBar Athlete Since: 2006
  • Claim to Fame: "2012 US 70.3 PRO CHAMPION 2012, 70.3 WORLD CHAMPS 2nd 2011 & 2012 Champion San Juan 70.3, 2012 Champion Muncie 70.3, 2012 3M Half Marathon 1:14.42 (1st)"

"2012 US 70.3 PRO CHAMPION 2012 70.3 WORLD CHAMPS 2nd 2011 & 2012 Champion San Juan 70.3 2012 Champion Muncie 70.3 2012 3M Half Marathon 1:14.42 (1st)"

Q&A with Kelly Williamson

Biggest Obstacle
Becoming a stronger cyclist; has always been my biggest struggle in this sport
I always drink a beer the night before a race, usually a Peroni though I am an IPA person normally; keep it light pre-race :)
Nobody knows..
I was extremely accident prone as a child and I chipped my 2 front teeth 7 times. I am told I never sat still and never stopped talking as well. I guess I've found the right career as an outlet for excessive energy!
Biggest Athletic Accomplishment
I'd have to say running a 1:14.42 half marathon in January of this year. I've been running half marathons for over 10, years and I had never run under 1:17; to me it was a big breakthrough in my running potential
Favorite Thing About Training
I love the solitude. I actually really enjoy training solo because I enjoy being alone with my thoughts. I rarely get bored even on the longest of workouts; I seem to keep my mind occupied, and I think it strengthens your mind for racing when you are so used to being by yourself.
Least Favorite Thing About Training
Simply getting out the door for bike rides is sometimes a struggle; especially in Austin which is fairly heavy in traffic. Once I get out the door and onto the open road, I'm fine.
I Work Out To…
Stay sane and feel balanced. I cannot sit still; exercise makes me feel alive. I'm often more energized after a hard session than prior to it.
Unusual Training Regimens
I'd not call it unusual, but it is something that most people struggle to do; some of my most effective bike training sessions are done on the trainer, and one of the biggest ones was 4 hrs with 4x45 min in the TT position with 5 min recovery. These sessions force me to stay on the power and also challenge me mentally when it gets boring or tough and I swear by them!